German Vocabulary chapter 4

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 German Vocabulary: Animals

For millennia, human beings have interacted with animals. Sometimes those interactions were predatory—with either the human or the animal being predator or prey.

das Raubtier                  predator

die Beut                         e prey

As humans and animals began to trust one another, and as they discovered a mutual benefi t in serving one another, animals were invited into human homes and became part of the family group. Th ese domesticated animals warned the family of intruders, helped protect the family from invaders, and oft en became an important element of the hunt. Today, many families reside with pets that are oft en treated like humans and are truly members of the family.

Pets come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors. Let’s describe some of them:

Place an X in the blanks that tell what color(s) the pets listed on the left can be.

Not all domesticated animals live with a family. Farm animals are domesticated, but they live separately from the family. Humans rely on such animals for many of the products they produce or for the work they can carry out.

Th ese animals can be found on der Bauernhof (farm). A small farm is called der kleine landwirtschaft liche Betrieb (or der kleine bäuerliche Betrieb). Although the phrase is long, it is used quite oft en. An American barn is a place where animals are housed, grain or hay is stored, and farm equipment tools are kept. German tends to be more specifi c.

Th e farmer who tends the animals is der Bauer or der Landwirt. His wife is die Bäuerin or die Landwirtin. Naturally, they live in das Bauernhaus (farmhouse). Let’s look at some useful phrases that describe life on a farm:

Th e verb melken (to milk) has an irregular conjugation. Take note of its forms in the following

tenses, which are provided in the third-person singular:

PRESENT                                     er milkt

PAST                                            er molk

PRESENT PERFECT                    er hat gemolken

FUTURE                                       er wird melken

Th e noun der Bauer has a special declension like the one for der Held (hero) or der Soldat (soldier) and certain other German words:

Wilde Tiere

Wild animals live everywhere in the world and can be found in lakes and oceans, deserts, mountains, forests, and jungles. Th eir varieties are numerous, but here are a few familiar examples:

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